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Trader Joe's: Bring Trader Joe's to North Santa Ana

North Santa Ana is filled with beautiful neighborhoods with growing young families who care about what they eat and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. The closest Trader Joes is almost 4 miles away. It doesn't seem so far, but when it's traffic hour, which is every hour in Southern California, it becomes at least a 20 min drive there. The whole quick stop to the grocery store becomes a lengthy and slightly frustrating experience.  Northa Santa is centrally located next to the very busy 5, 22, and 57 highways; making it easily accessible to residents in other close by neighborhoods. Most of the residents don't shop as much as they would like at Trader Joe's only because it is too far. If there was one closer to us, we would shop multiple times a week instead of venturing to the other markets. Please consider bringing a Trader Joe's closer to us.

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