Bring a Trader Joe's store to Guam!

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The U.S. Territory of Guam, which lies in the Pacific Ocean about a 3-hour flight South of Japan, is home to Marianas Island natives (Chamorro), Phillipine, Korean and Japanese immigrants, and a large number of American military personnel. In addition, Guam sees large numbers of daily tourist arrivals from Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Japan.

Guamanians have limited options when it comes to shopping - the small island has one grocery chain, Pay Less, which only has a small section for organic foods. The major city, Tumon-Tamuning, where I now live after moving from Seattle, Washington for work, doesn't present so many options for vegans, people with allergies, and health-conscious people. I can get by at Pay-Less on my vegan, gluten-free diet, but I don't get the variety, convenience, and price. I miss Trader Joe's, and so do my friends and acquaintances who moved here from the US mainland! Guam could certainly benefit from a Trader Joe's store.

Please bring a store to Tumon or Tamuning, Guam and give affordable healthy options to the island as well as improve the appeal and comfort of Guam for visitors!