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Trade Me Ltd: Stop listing animals intended for slaughter!

I was shocked & disgusted when I saw the many different animals up for sale on Trade Me for the sole purpose of being killed. Some ads included white rabbits who were being sold by 'breeders' for the purposes of either pet, meat, or fur, other ads included rams auctioned off to be killed for fun! This petition is asking Trade Me Ltd. to stop listing animals for the purposes of slaughter (for meat, entertainment, fur etc.). Would you support me in this? It's sickening and so sad that animals are being auctioned off like property only to be butchered or killed for fun.

Letter to
Paul Ford
Strategy Manager Mike DelPrete
Head of Human Resources Fiona Ireland
and 12 others
Head of Technology Dave Wasley
Head of Operations Mike O'Donnell
Head of Commercial Jimmy McGee
Head of Marketplace Craig Jordan
Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Klouwens
Chief Executive Officer Jon Macdonald
Independent, non-executive director Paul McCarney
Independent, non-executive director Sam Morgan
Independent, non-executive director Gail Hambly
Independent, non-executive director Joanna Perry
Independent, non-executive chairman David Kirk
Company Secretary Sarah Hard
Please stop listing animals intended for slaughter!
This petition is asking your team at Trade Me Ltd. to stop allowing people to advertise animals which are being auctioned off for the purposes of slaughter (whether for meat, fur or entertainment). This is very inappropriate in terms of the issues of animal welfare and allows for people to treat animals as merely property!

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