We NEED safe schools for our children, teachers and staff!

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Our children, teachers, and staff deserve SAFE and SECURE schools! We as a community need to come together and demand change be brought to the schools in Calvert County. Please reach out to our Calvert County Board of Education members and let them know why this is so important to you! 

Parents, teachers, staff, and students have had enough of the violence and shootings in our schools. The most recent and unfortunate school shooting happened in a neighboring county. A student shot and injured two students (one whom will be taken off life support tonight) at Great Mills High School in St. Marys County. If we as a community don't think this could happen to our schools we are all sadly mistaken. We cannot wait, something needs to happen now! As parents we should not have to fear sending our children to school everyday wondering what could happen. Teachers should not have to worry if they are going to become a human shield should something happen in their school. These teachers have families to go home to also! Lastly, our children should not be in fear while they are in school. School should be a safe place for these children. Our children cannot learn while they are scared!

Many parents and teachers have come forward to express their concerns about safety and security in our schools. So far this is not being taken seriously. Kelly Mcconkey, a board of education member brought a suggestion to the board stating that the Calvert County Commisioners were going to give the Board of Education 2 million dollars for school security. It was asked if the Board of Education could match that 2 million dollars. It was additionally requested that we arm all safety advocates in our schools in the event they would need to protect our children and staff against danger. These safety advocates would be former officers who are highly trained. This request was turned down. Lets all ask ourselves why?!

Our community needs to come together and be a voice for our innocent children and demand security for our schools now! I encourage everyone to sign this petition. I also ask you to write or email our Calvert County Board of Education members and demand this change for Calvert Schools. We need armed officers in our schools now! We should not wait for another shooting to occur and we should not wait for such an unfortunate event to happen in our county. Stand up and be a voice for our children! They are our future. We cannot put a price tag on their safety, they are worth every dime!

Lastly the Board of Education members can be contacted at 

Tracy McGuire - mcguiret@calvertcounty.education

Dawn Balinski - balinskid@calvertcounty.education

Pamela Cousins - cousinsp@calvertcounty.education  

William Phalen - halenw@calvertcounty.education  

Demand that Calvert County schools be made safer. We need armed officers at all county schools to keep our children and staff safe! 

Additionally the Board of Education holds meetings that the public can attend. Once I have the date of the next meeting I will make sure I post it for everyone.