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Robert John Wallace (Rob) - DOB 24.11.1975 is a compulsive liar and a cheat. He displays all the traits of a sociopath and will use every trick in the book to win your heart and then destroy your life. He will make you think you are the only girl in the world, while he is saying the same thing to half a dozen other women. He will happily take your money too.

He systematically finds women who he thinks are financial or who have something to help him climb the social ladder and charms his way into their lives. He is so driven by a narcissistic desire to be wanted that one woman isn't enough. When he is caught, and he always is because he is a poor liar, he will deny all knowledge, making you feel like a fool for asking but hoping that you don't go through his phone. He will use attack as the first form of defense and try to turn the tables and make you think you are mad. He will shape-shift and contort stories and throw himself down a bigger hole rather than admit that he has been busted, even in the face of the most ridiculous shams. He shows no remorse, empathy or guilt. He has no shame. He has no friends. Only minions and clingers-on to fuel his ego before he disposes of them as so much trash when they grow wise to his games. He has been located on several online dating sites whilst in a relationship. He has advertised himself as, and attempted work as a male escort, whilst in a relationship. He is so one-dimensional and disassociated from reality that he had to copy another man's profile in order to describe himself - thank you Ryan James. The venture was unsuccessful. His appointments resulted in refunds due to his inability to perform.

He has been married, and ruined that through lies, deceit and affairs, walking away from three children. He was with me, and I was devoted to him - supporting him emotionally and financially until the day I woke up. I have lost count of the amount that I have poured into keeping him afloat, all the while believing that he and I were a team. Unaware of the online aliases, the texts, the photo swaps and the secret meetings taking place right under my nose.

He will ask you to marry him, run away with him, and then proudly tell you that the Government can't take child support payments from a joint account. He knows every scam going. And when you can't stand it any more and walk away with a tattered heart and an empty bank account, his insidious motives come to the fore - he will try and take your house and your superannuation. He will denounce you to friends, family and work colleagues. And when he has wrought enough damage, he'll swiftly move on to the next victim. He will appear warm, charming and funny but they are only tools. He is a high functioning manipulator, and a hateful, vengeful opportunist.

I know of so many other women who have fallen for his false charms and empty promises, and given in to his crocodile tears. I don't want there to be any more. Help me to Stop Rob Wallace. Born in Melbourne, grew up in Adelaide, resided in Perth, worked in Warilla/Dapto area, Wellington/Bodangera area, currently in Goulburn, NSW.

For anyone who believes they were in a relationship with Rob between October 2013 and March 2018, know that you were sharing him with others. Many others. Some of whom paid for his pill-assisted services. Get yourselves a blood test. For those of you who think you are in a relationship with him now, guess again. Tinder is his current hunting ground. Run ladies. Run.

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