Bring back PERCENTAGES/Letter Grades on Report Cards - Pierceland Central School

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Signing this petition means that you are IN SUPPORT of returning PERCENTAGES and/or the letter grades back to the report cards at Pierceland Central School in grades 6-12.

We all agree that the education of our children is very important.  So why is the way their graded not?

For the past 5 years, our school has removed the traditional grades (percentages & A, B, C,) in grades K-9.  Pierceland currently uses a grading scheme, students receive what is called a student growth reports in which they are given a designation of “Beginner,” “Approaching,” “Proficient” (goal for the school year) or “Mastery” for each learning outcome on their Report Card.  Not many students and even less parents understand and are comfortable with this grading scheme.

This grading scheme does not drive academic achievement, but instead creates confusion and misleads students.  Students that have had this grading scheme in grade 9 go into grade 10 thinking they are applying themselves and are studying hard enough to get the grades they are needing in high school to apply to universities and colleges.  Needless to say, after one full (lost) semester in grade 10 many are finding out what they have applied in the past few years was not close to what they needed to apply themselves to achieve the grades they require for post secondary education.  A designation of “Proficient” was not good enough, because obviously they were on the lower end of the proficient grading scheme. 

There is no initiative for the student to Achieve Higher because everyone is being brought to a standard.  We need to reintroduce Academic based recognition such as the Honor Roll and provide more than just the standard work.  The Traditional report card of percentages or A, B, C, D, & F gave a clear understanding of where the student stood for grades.    

There is a wide variation in this grading scheme with no clear expectations or explanations.  For example, a student is told on his report card that he is at a reading level which is required in the next grade, yet only receives a designation of proficient.  Would this not be a mastery if he has already exceeded this year’s expectations/goal?

Another example is how does this current grading scheme allow a student or parent to see if their child has improved or dropped in grades from term to term? Therefore, the report card does not reflect if the student is having trouble.  

PARENTS & STUDENTS Please join me by:  Signing this petition, forwarding it on to other concerned parents & students, and feel free to join me on Monday, March 11, 2019 at the Pierceland Central School where a meeting for the general public with Terry Craig from the division and Mark Campbell, board member for Dorintosh, Goodsoil and Pierceland will be held at 7 pm at Pierceland Central School Library.  I plan to present this petition and I hope to have Community input regarding their concerns about the report card grading scheme heard.

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