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UPC Letter Urging Tractor Supply to stop selling ducklings, baby chicks, rabbits and other animals


February 26, 2021

Hal Lawton, CEO
Tractor Supply
5401 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 615-440-4600

Dear Mr. Lawton:

We respectfully urge Tractor Supply to stop selling ducklings, baby chicks, rabbits and other small animals in your stores. Like every sanctuary in the U.S., we receive dozens of calls each spring begging us to adopt young animals purchased by your customers – customers who do not want these animals once the novelty wears off and responsible animal care is required.

Thousands of ducklings are dumped each spring and summer where they cannot survive. Chicks sold in bins at Tractor Supply tend to be sickly, and most of your employees do not recognize the suffering these birds are experiencing and do not know how to provide aid and comfort to them. Being exposed in your stores to lights and noise, the newborns do not have the dark, sheltered places they need for rest and would have with their mothers.

Each year, Tractor Supply causes these animals to suffer neglect, sickness, dehydration and death. We are asking you please to stop selling ducklings, baby chicks, rabbits, and other small animals to customers, most of whom do not know how to care for them properly and whose children quickly lose interest in their new “toys.”

We look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and attention.

Karen Davis, PhD, President
United Poultry Concerns
12325 Seaside Road
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405
Office: 757-678-7875
Federal ID: 52-1705678

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

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