Traditional school year calendar for Washoe county schools.

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Please return to a traditional calendar for washoe county schools not on a multi track schedule due to overcrowding.  Apparently parents were asked for input in 2011. Only 7,000 people voted out if our entire school district. Most were school staff. Many parents didn't have kids in school yet and by the time I heard about it there were only two choices I could make and that was early start in August or late start in August. This is our chance to let them know what you want for your children.

Summer is too short. It affects all seasonal businesses like wild waters, Shakespeare festival , outdoor public pools, students who work during summer to save for college. Summer camps are less available because they are shortened a month. This means less kids get to attend. State parks take a huge hit too. As well as all state parks in the nation as less families travel in August now. One of the busiest months in tourism. These all bring money into the county/state.

The schools pay more to heat empty buildings in winter for three weeks and way more to cool overcrowded schools during the hottest month of the year.  At a time when we lost many teachers due to budget cuts it seems crazy to waste money that could be used to keep our good teachers. School buses do not have AC and are equally crowded. 3 middle school and high school students to a seat. That's the same as three adult bodies in a chair that really only holds two adults on a chair and that is with no personal space. Now add 95-105 degree wether to the mix. 

So many disruptions during the school year is also difficult for children with special needs. They just get into the routine of school, things start to make sense and come to them more easily and the anxiety of being in school instead of home is finally diminishing. They are settling into the new routine and comfort of the classroom and making friends. Then we send them on break again. Long enough to get out of routine, having to reteach their brains to focus and learn instead of being anxious about a disruption in routine again. I personally feel it is difficult for traditionally developing kids as well as they lose critical repetition time and are often given packets of work to do over the breaks. Making it not really a break for students or parents who have to sit and help them. 

It also takes away from family time, and breaks for both kids and teachers. They say shorter summer break helps kids retain information they learned over the year. We have tried the balanced calendar for four years now and are still 49th in education and testing. The number one state for education, Massachusetts, ends school June 18 if there are no snow days to make up. They don't return to school until September 5th. Again, they are number ONE for education in the country. During the last term of the year teachers are forced to introduce many new skills instead of focusing on a few or one new thing learned really well. I believe this is why there is so much relearning/reviewing at the beginning of the school year. The students were never given time for repetition during the last term. Teachers may feel different but my point still stands that the number one state in education has a FULL summer. Their students test well and learn well with this long break. 

It is NOT the traditional calendar that makes NV last in the nation for education.  During the meetings the district held for the balanced calendar only about 20 people ever showed up. However meetings were scheduled as lunch with the superintendent. Held at 1 or 2pm while most parents work. 

If you would like the traditional school calendar back please sign this petition and make your voices heard since they never asked us what we wanted for our children. Please pass it around. This is a chance to be heard and not just go with the flow.

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