Love is Hope Foundation. Stop suicide before it’s too late!!!

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Global numbers are growing. Did you know that over 1 million suicides happen a year?  The stigma around suicide must stop. There needs to be more done to help those suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar disorder, Addiction or any other Mental Health issue. We as humans have a responsibility, to help others by showing loving compassion which means “ They matter”!

I have decided to start this life long journey to help stop the stigma around suicide by starting a suicide prevention foundation in honour of my Daughter Whitley Julia, who passed away April 16th. 2018

 By creating a “Check in Buddie” system, this could help prevent the loss of lives daily. This system allows those struggling with thoughts of self harm, to be set up with a support person. Their Buddie has the ability to call authorities, hospitals and or family to get immediate help.

One on one mentoring creates bonds and support when a person thinks there is no where or anyone to turn to. Putting this system in place means we will not fail those who are desperate for help, but are too embarrassed to talk or reach out to family and friends! Canada's health care system has failed too many of our loved ones and unlike Cancer or Heart disease, mental health often goes undiagnosed or untreated.

Please stand along side me to bring this cause to the forefront and help those who deserve help.

Love is Hope.....XOXO