Should child support be considered income with Social Services Program?

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As a recipient of social assistance there are certain guidelines and rules that must be followed one of them being any support payments received each month is considered income. Anyone who receives their services is subject to this deduction. It's not fair when that money is for the child or children

The Ministry needs to re evaluate the structure of the program that determines what is income and what is not. Make things fair for all families to succeed and not suffer. 

Personal story
My name is Christine and I have started this potion for all families who are receiving or have received a check from The Ministry of Social Services who also have a support payment deducted from their check as income. I am one of these people and feel that a support payment should not be considered income as it is for the raising of that child or children involved. Child tax is exempt so why shouldn't support payments? I don't get a big check from either the Ministry of Social Services or a support payment so every dollar counts. A lone parent with 2 children is expected to live on $1000 per month can you believe that? It would benefit each family if this was to change! Please help me change the way child support is looked at through the Ministry of Social Services.