Remove plans for TPG's cellular antennas near houses in Highview & Prospect Tce, St Lucia

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TPG is planning to install several new mobile phone antennas in local streets on existing power poles located only meters from houses in residential areas. Two sites of major concern are the planned antenna opposite 54 Highview Tce ( ) and another between 20-24 Prospect Tce ( ). We are concerned about the health impacts of these two proposed antennas, which TPG has just announced, and plans to install in the next few weeks. We are calling TPG to reconsider these and move them away from houses, living rooms and bedrooms, where children and local residents spend many hours every day.

While TPG states that this a “low impact facility”, their definition is based on the visual aspects rather than the far more important and worrying potential of long-term health impacts from exposure to non-thermal effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (see also: , and also the 2017 appeal of more than 200 scientists to the EU concerning health impacts from radiation

Given the current scientific knowledge on long-term health impacts of these proposed operations so close to houses, the precautionary principle should be followed in this case by TPG, respecting the local residents’ concerns and well-being. The proposed antenna on Highview Tce is lower than nearby houses, and will beam  into bedrooms and living rooms. Other competing companies (e.g. Telstra, Optus etc) install their antennas much higher up and far fewer, and we thus call TPG to change their plans, moving the antennas proposed on Highview Tce and Prospect Tce in St Lucia to open areas or on top of tall public buildings along arterial roads rather than on low poles in local streets right next to houses. We call TPG to revise their plans that pose unnecessary risk to our children and many other residents living so close to the proposed antennas.

TPG did not provide their site procedure selection and did not explain why antennas should be installed at such proximity to each other in a low-density residential area, where many kids and families are living, in the vicinity of Ironside State School. Small cell antennas are more suitable high density areas such as the CBD.