TPG: Do not proceed with telecommunications mast near SPC, TCC, local preschool and homes

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The petition has been created to generate awareness, Joel says that it will be seen as only ONE submission of comment, and whilst it will be submitted to Urbis, the most effective response is to submit your concerns to Urbis directly: SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY 5PM ON 27th JUNE. REFER TO SITE NUMBER 2141065, DIRECT YOUR CONCERNS TO JOEL DAVIES

Do you want TPG, and Urbis to install a mobile telecommunications mast at 1 Jenkins Street, Berala, just 170m from Trinity Catholic College, 230m from St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School, and 230m from Kidz on Regents Childcare Centre?

We, parents of the local community who live in this area and send our children to school in this area DO NOT!

TPG has proposed a small cell telecommunications installation at 1 Jenkins Street Berala. As per the environmental report, maximum electromagnetic energy levels are estimated out to 500 metres in all directions from the base station.

It seems likely that the parent communities of SPC and TCC may not be aware of the proposal or the very narrow window of opportunity to provide feedback. 

It’s our fear the staff and students of the local schools and childcare centre, as well as local residents will be exposed to microwave/radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) constantly emitted from the base station. We base this on studies that have indicated that this form of radiation emitted from mobile phone base stations can be hazardous to health.

IMPORTANTLY the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) recommends a 500m clearance from any school.  This is in line with the “prudent avoidance” with regard to children advocated by experts. Children absorb more EMR than adults. The installation would be in conflict with this policy.

We ask TPG to be cautious with our community’s health by not installing the mast in such close proximity to a large concentration of children.

TPG abides by the Australian public exposure standards set by ARPANSA. Independent experts question the adequacy of the current standards as more evidence of biological effects well below these standards emerges. Many countries in Europe, China and Russia already have more stringent exposure standards than ours. The studies we are relying on are:

- The Stewart Report (2000) was from an expert commission appointed by the UK Government to advise on effect on public health from mobile phone technology. It specifically recommends that the most intense part of an EMR beam from a mast should not fall on any part of a school without the agreement of the school and parents (section 6.68). 

- The Bio-Initiative Report (2012) is a comprehensive compilation of the scientific evidence by an independent panel of international experts. It is available at

- 11 out of 13 independent studies on people living close to mobile base stations report adverse effects. These include effects such as headaches, memory issues, dizziness, depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance, as well as increased risk of cancer and changes to hormone levels (10 studies discussed in Int J Occp Environ Health 2010;16:263-7; Clinical Biochemistry 2012;45:157-161; Int J Occp Environ Health 2012;25:31-40; Electromagn Biol Med 2013 Jun 19 - Epub ahead of print).

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified this form of radiation as a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) on 31 May 2011.

Please submit your concerns to Urbis directly: SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY 5PM ON 27th JUNE. REFER TO SITE NUMBER 2141065, DIRECT YOUR CONCERNS TO JOEL DAVIES 

It appears other sites are being considered, so with enough emails to Joel we might be able to persuade TPG to choose a different site. 

How you can help….

Ø  Please sign this petition and send a clear message to TPG that we do not want a mobile phone base station near our schools or childcare facilities.

Ø  Contact your local MPs and ask where they stand on this issue:

Regents Park Ward
Clr Ned Attie 0419 583 254
Clr George Campbell 0409 233 315
Clr Kun Huang 0418 911 774

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We need YOUR Help to protect the health of our children, schools, staff, and local residents.


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