Develop CarPlay Retrofits to Lexus LS and LC

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Let's put pressure on Lexus/Toyota to finish developing the Apple CarPlay retrofit for their flagship LC and LS products.

Both the LC and LS received an update to their infotainment system in the USA to allow Apple CarPlay integration as well as other small fixes.

Lexus GB Blog originally stated that more information was coming on Apple CarPlay retrofits for the LC and LS. Then they confirmed they would be coming but were delayed due to COVID-19. Then they announced that development of the update for the LC and LS had been stopped.

This is simply unacceptable to for a number of reasons

  1. Other Lexus models with the same infotainment system and the same year are receiving the Apple CarPlay retrofit across Europe.
  2. LC and LS received the update in the USA.
  3. Lexus are showing contempt to their European LC and LS owners simply because there are not many of them - despite showing a loyal support to the Lexus brand and parting with considerable sums of money.
  4. Lexus prides itself on the principals of omotenashi - the Japanese idea of anticipating a guest or customers needs before they have even expressed them. Refusing to develop an update that was originally promised does not match this principal.