Tell Toyota and other automakers to protect the climate

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Hi, I'm Kathy, a three-time Toyota owner who's been very happy with all of my Toyotas. I started this petition with the Union of Concerned Scientists because, when my 2019 Camry Hybrid was sadly totaled this summer, I initially thought I'd just replace it with the same car. After all, I’d just gone through the car-purchasing decision for it eight months earlier. The car drove well, earned top safety ratings (no one was hurt in the accident) and got great gas mileage. 

But soon after the accident, I was surprised to learn Toyota hadn’t joined four other major carmakers in supporting California’s efforts to protect vehicle emissions standards. And went on instead to side with the Trump Administration’s efforts to go *backwards* on clean car standards – which I know are a key to fighting global warming and reducing harmful air pollution. This – from a company that’s done so much eco-conscious branding!

Sorry, Toyota, but I just bought a replacement car (with equally good safety ratings) from a different manufacturer!  Your car frame protected my daughter -- but your emissions policies won't! Please change your tune and do the right thing for our children’s future. Support strong vehicle emission standards, not the Trump Administration’s climate-backwards policies!

Join with me in calling on Toyota and all other carmakers siding with the Trump administration to end their attacks on our health and climate and do the right thing! Sign on to send the following letter:

“I strongly disapprove of your company’s support of the Trump administration's illegal and dangerous attack on state authority, clean air, consumer savings, and climate progress. Your company picked the wrong side – lining up against what’s best for my family’s health, our planet, and my wallet.

Now is the time for your company to reverse course and reject President Trump's misguided attempt to roll back the clean car standards.  We call on your company to immediately withdraw from the litigation against state clean car standards and invest in innovation instead of litigation. We need cleaner cars—not Trump’s indefensible and dangerous rollback.”