Bring back the Scion Corp

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I feel that it is a travesty to the car culture, that the Scion brand was dissolved. Toyota as a company makes great vehicles to this we cannot deny. But when I look at the models they provide, I see dressed up family cars that provide the sole purpose of point A to point B transportation. With Scion vehicles from the beginning the vehicles were budget friendly that opened up into a realm of customization posibilities because after the car payment you could afford that part that separated you from the pack. The company as whole helped the college crowd with affordable, reliable, and sporty alternatives to an otherwise saturated market of over priced vehicles that did not take into account the costs of living with the costs of college tuitions or everyday living. Scion Corp was very much involved in giving back to the community with outreaches & car culture events to show their appreciation to the owners and or the community. I feel Toyota Corp needs to really take a step back on this one and see that the brand deserves to make a comeback here in the USA and Internationally. The brand will never be forgotten but we would love to see new models in the future.

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