Proper trust, treatment and permissions towards the community team

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We are doing this protest and hope, that we are able to change the game to the better. It is a real fact, that non of us have any direct contact to the game support. We all do have to send tickets to them, there is no direct communication. Now the problem is, that many of us, especially the Game Master and Community Manager, are unable to fulfill the work we are supposed to do. Basically, everything we can do is muting/banning accounts, without even the possibility to revoke them (bans at least). For nearly every matter, we have to send a ticket to the support, so they can work it out, just because we are lacking of permissions. We are fed up telling people to contact the support because we are unable to help you out in any way. We are the staff team and our only reason of work is to support you, our lovely community! We want to help you, we want to support you. But this privilege was not given to us until today.(edited)
We have to deliver tournament rewards to the support, which always brings a huge delay along. Why would we contact the support and wait for the item give-away, if we could just do it ourselves right after the tournament was finished? We have been planning lots of community games. We planned on entertaining you with matches that would involve some minor rewards. But we are not able to do them like that. We don't want to contact the support just to ask them to give out 5,000 MP to Player X for participating on a spontaneous event. We are aware of the fact many people do not receive any answer from the support and we are truly sorry about that. But on the other hand, can you imagine why the support can't fulfill all received tickets? Because they also have to work out the received tickets from their own staff members. Things could run so much faster and easier!