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Toys "R" Us: Diversify your toy box and stock at least 14% ethnic dolls

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My mixed-race 5 year old daughter wants a doll just like her, a true companion.  To find a non-white doll for her involves numerous internet searches, likely to result in a US online purchase shipped taking between 7- 10 days. The equivalent shopping trip for a white doll would take under 30 minutes.  

Toys "R" Us are still not offering a choice of dolls and figurines which fully represent the ethnic mix it’s UK consumers. That’s why I’m campaigning to get Toys "R" Us to stock at least 14% of their doll range with ethnic dolls by 2020. [1]

In 1988 when I asked for a doll with chocolate skin and an afro like me, I was disappointed that no such doll existed. Now in 2017, the struggle to find one easily still exists. Let’s change this.

For many children, dolls and action-figures are a big part of their childhood play. Toys help a child to build memories and teach emotional skills. Dolls can play a crucial role in developing a child’s aspirations - and children often emulate these through role play and then later on in the real-world. Not being able to see themselves in these dolls will have a negative impact on their self-worth and ultimately their aspirations.

When we visit toy stores, my daughter asks -" why isn't there a doll like me?” A few independent toy shops and online retailers offer non-white dolls, but having easy access on the UK high street will really make the difference to the ethnic diversity of the toy box.

We call on Toys "R" Us to make a commitment to stock 14% non white dolls and figurines by 2020. Make toy shop shelves look like the UK our kids live in.

Please sign and share my petition. From my five year old and I, thank you!

[1] 14% - In-line with the 2011 Census

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