Toy Industry Association, We Call On You to End Boy and Girl Toy of the Year Awards

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Women and Men...Boys and Girls...Parents and Caregivers... We Need Your Help...

It's 2016, do we really need the toy industry telling us that girls should play with cookie ovens and unicorns, while boys play with drones, robots and light sabers?

The Toy Industry Association, Inc (TIA) awards Toy of The Year Awards (TOTY) to the best toys in 14 categories.  This is like the Oscars of the Toy Industry.  Many of the categories accurately describe the toys they represent - Outdoor Toy of The Year, Educational Toy of The Year, etc.

Then there are awards for Boy Toy of the Year and Girl Toy of The Year.  It is 2016 and we call for the TIA to end gender stereotyping in toys and do away with these two categories.

Learn More About Why Gender Stereotyping in Toys Really Does Matter

Why in the world should the TIA tell us what toys are for boys and which ones are for girls.  Do we have awards for:

  • Best Computer for Men and Best Computer for Women?
  • Best Car for Women and Best Car for Men?
  • Oscar for Best Movie for Men and Best Movie for Women?

Of course not.  In other industries, an Award is based on the merit of the product, NOT an assumption on what gender may use the product.

The Solution is Simple!

Sign this petition and let's tell the TIA to simply do away with the Boy and Girl Toy of the Year Awards.   Give awards based on a toy's play value, rather than imposing the TIA's values of what gender THEY believe should play with the toys.

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