Sentient creatures demand a Ban on 1080

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 Please meet Rex  Betty, and Kenya.

On 11 April 2014, Rex died a painful death after eating  a Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080) poisoned bait, in his suburban backyard in Collie, Western Australia. Rex's death was drawn out and  was observed by his owners who were unable to help him.   Nobody knew how the bait got there, there had been aerial baiting nearby, it is assumed a bird carried it there.Tests were undertaken on the baits found in Rex's backyard and they were 1080 dry baits.

Betty and Kenya met the same fate. Betty died before her young owners eyes, the family had stopped in the outback, no signs, no warnings. Kenya had a similar fate, no signs, no warnings. Baiting took place in a remote place, with absolutely no regard for local populations. Graziers have no regard for others when it comes to 1080 baiting. 

Thousands of domestic pets die each year from 1080 poison, many go unreported because it is so distressing for the owners to observe. Domestic Pets regularly die across Australia from 1080 poisoning, largely due to a breach in regulations, no signs, no warnings. This then raises the question how safe are humans? If a bird or fox can carry a bait 2 K (APVMA Review Findings 2008) how safe are we. APVMA tell us 1080 is too dangerous for the general public, yet it's handed out like lollypops in Queensland. Label warnings are not complied with, not unlike people who just cannot comply with road laws and speeding signs. 

Wildlife suffer the same cruel and unnecessary fate, many of which are endangered species. So called "target specific" baiting is a myth. Baits can be carried for up to 2K and wildlife feed from poisoned carcass. 

1080 is a poison with no known antidote. It kills all breathing creatures slowly and cruelly and has the capacity to kill humans. In humans, symptoms include pains in the chest, nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress and frothing of the mouth, coma.  1080 does not discriminate. Made in USA and banned in most countries it is still used in epidemic proportions across Australia. 

Propoganda published by the people who like 1080 is that 1080 is derived from a plant, this is a lie, 1080 is a synthetically produced compound, a fluffy white powder that is so dangerous it has been noted as a security risk by GOAC.

1080 is a potential risk to human health, it should be banned from any use.


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