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Toxic Chemicals Are Killing Wildlife At California's 50,000 Illegal Marijuana Grow Sites.

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Marijuana is destroying our planet and the people on it.  Owing to the corrupt influence of drug money, federal narcotics laws have simply not been enforced for 8 years.  Congress has even withheld funds so the DEA can't enforce their laws.  This petition calls for the President and Congress to step up and perform their most basic responsibility; to protect the people, and planet by enforcing federal laws.

Watch the video and observe the environmental devastation at just one grow site. Then multiply that by 50,000.  Owing to lack of federal or state enforcement, that is the number of illegal grow sites destroying California, to serve over 60% of the US black market for weed.  More than all cartels combined.

The man most responsible for orchestrating, financing and proliferating America's drug problem is George Soros. Soros has used his vast financial resources to corrupt politician and drug policies.  He has spent tens of millions to control the media and the message for so long, the true harms of this insidious drug are largely unknown. The reality is, today's high potency pot is a very dangerous drug.

Marijuana causes brain changes leading to loss of IQ by up to 8 points.  It is a causal factor in mental illness and addiction; psychotic breaks leading to violence and suicide; birth and congenital abnormalities that can affect the next four generations; and myriad physical harms. The result is more crime, mental illness, addiction, homelessness, academic failure, lost productivity and huge economic cost.  

Only the federal government has the resources to combat the drug money that flows from and through a few billionaires, with Soros at the helm. The fact is that drugs, starting with marijuana,  kill more people, cause more social and environmental devastation, and inflict more economic harm on America than all acts of terror or war in modern history.  While 59 people were murdered by a lunatic in Las Vegas, the same day, and every day, 144 to 175 Americans die of drug overdose.  This is America's biggest problem, and it needs to be treated as such.

We herewith petition the President to make drug prevention a priority, and return this nation to the rule of law.  Concurrently,  Soros must be help accountable as a domestic terrorist. 

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