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Bring back traffic lights at the traffic training park in Townsville

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One of my favourite childhood memories is riding my bike at the traffic training park near Pimlico High School. There was little traffic lights that would change and kids would have so much fun waiting at the lights on their bikes and going on the green lights. Now the road in the park looks like it's been forgotten about and there are no traffic lights. It's so sad that this happened and it's about time the traffic lights were put back in and the little road was fixed up. It would not only be a lot of fun for young children and give them more to do, more exercise and get them playing outside again and interacting with other children... But it would also keep children safe by giving them a place to go that replicates a real road where they can practice and learn about road safety without risking their lives, once they learn at the traffic training park they will be so much safer when it comes to real roads with real traffic. Please sign my petition and ask your friends to sign it so it will hopefully create enough attention that they'll bring it back and put big smiles on lots of little faces and keep our little ones safer on our big scary roads and let children have fun and get fresh air and exercise at the same time! It only takes someone not looking for one second for a young child to run out on a road and have a tragedy happen. If children have somewhere fun to learn the practical life saving skills they need then less mistakes like that will happen, they'll get the road safety skills they need in a safe environment and take those skills into the real world. It also gives people visiting Townsville something extra nice and different to talk about. There are plenty of playgrounds around Townsville and they're great too, but we need this back. Please sign this petition and share it on your Facebook page. Once we have plenty of signatures I will write a letter to the council along with this petition to show them all the signatures and supporting comments. And hopefully they'll bring it back. Thank you for your support! Every signature and every supporting comment helps and adds up. 

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