Create a Bylaw That Bans Hate Symbols in Perth East

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During the American Civil War, the Confederate flag was the symbol for the Confederate Army. Fundamentally, they were fighting over the right to legally and forcibly enslave Black people. Some people see the Confederate flag as a symbol of solidarity or southern pride. However, it was a symbol built on inequality.

Simply put, the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery. It's a symbol of oppression. It’s a symbol of hate. It’s a symbol of racism. It’s a symbol of white supremacy. And it’s a symbol of discrimination.

Flying the Confederate flag is a public display of prejudice that makes people feel unwelcome and unsafe.

I am asking the Township of Perth East to do the right thing and join the municipalities in Ontario that have already banned hate symbols. I am requesting that the Township of Perth East create a bylaw that prohibits publicly visible displays of symbols of hate, like the Confederate flag, in public spaces and on private property.

If you support this bylaw, please sign this petition.

*Picture was taken by me outside of a residence in Perth East