Amend the bylaw for rural residents of North Dundas Township to allow livestock.

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I was born and raised on a farm in Inkerman in North Dundas Township. The farming blood runs through my veins as did all my family before me, my family has lived in the same house for 153 years minus about 2 years it was sold to someone else after my father passed away. It was sold to a big farmer who only wanted the land for crops so they severed. I bought back my family homestead with my 4 children in tow to give them the experience of farming that I once had. It started with a few goats which turned into 25 really fast and the kids loved it. I then sold them and decided to get a couple mini donkeys, then a couple of  horses and then we started into the birds which had been a great hobby and great food for my family. Fast forward to now, 6 years later I have bylaw hit me like a ton of bricks saying I need a permit for a building we put up, that’s fine I will get a permit. The notices came and it wasn’t just the permit it was now my animals have to go, all of them because my lot size is not 5 acres. What? I’m surrounded by farmers fields and neighbours who are my friends and supporters as I am theirs. The old mountain bylaw stated  I would have only needed 2 acres but this changed literally 6 months before I had moved back in to my family homestead. I own almost 3 acres. Where are our rights? Why does the bylaw not allow rural residents to have any other animal but cats and dogs? I believe we should have the rights for agricultural use on our property which means having livestock and being allowed to have a tractor on our property if needed. I would like to see the bylaw amended for all rural residents in North Dundas Township to allow livestock as per the units required per animal which determines the amount of land needed per animal as the Ontario chart states is required and allow us to own and use a tractor on our land if needed as long as it doesn’t affect surrounding neighbours. I don’t want to try and fight this for myself but for all residents in my community and for the future ones that are up and coming. By signing this petition you are in support of the changing of the bylaw for rural residents in North Dundas Township.