Amend the Animal By-Law for backyard Chickens in Residential Area

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Recently in the news our neighbouring city has recently passed the animal by-law that allows a house hold to have 4 chicken (Hens) on a residential zoned land. I would like to purpose the Township of North Dumfries to amend the animal by-law to allow the residents of North Dumfries to be able to raise chickens.

Chickens are a domesticated species. Chickens are very intelligent animals, they have a social ladder which is known as a "pecking order" this allows the chickens to know where there place is in their social circle. 

There are many advantages of raising backyard chickens such as:

o  Knowing where your produce comes from and what is being fed to the hens

o  Very therapeutic and can act as a companion animal 

o  Pest control (They eat flies, mosquitoes, ticks, slugs, and many more)

o  Eggs are shown to have much more nutritional value then store bought eggs (increased levels of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene)

o  Cruelty free and humane (No factory farming)

o  Reduces the carbon foot print by a zero food waste cycle (giving food scraps, you cut down the amount you throw away)

o  Chickens provide a natural garden fertilizer ( no chemicals)

o  Providing education to children about food production

o  Quieter then a dog barking 

I think that amending the by-law to be able to raise backyard chickens can help the environment, provide education and supply humane facilities. What makes chickens (hens) any different then other animals that we are allowed in this by-law.