Protect Langley's Aquifers - Enact Zero Emission/Pollution Policy Same as GVWD Reservoirs

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Clean Water is a Basic Human Need

The MetroVancouver Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Division is in the process of authorizing relocated heavy industry to pollute the air over the center of Langley's Brookswood Aquifer and in the middle of an organic farming region feeding everyone. Applications posted January 27 and March 10, 2017 would, if approved, dump 13,660 pounds per year of particulate material and toxic material into the air and hence onto the land over and into our aquifer water sources.

•  95,000 Langley residences receive water from the municipal water supply as well as more than 5000 private wells - all supplied by Langley Aquifer reservoirs. There are hundreds of pages of reports, studies and maps on the TOL website, and the Township even has it's own hydro geologist.

• The GVRD's legal division has defended the notion that 13,360 pounds of toxic pollutants can be discharged and mixed with enough air to somehow become safe. They only measure air pollution and refuse to consider soil and water contamination. Recent air quality presenters did not even know the proposed Heavy Industrial Pollution Sources are located over the Brookswood Aquifer.

• A separate Metro Vancouver division, the GVWD is responsible for guarding water quality.  They understand health risks and know that emissions are captured by rain & fall on soil and collect in reservoirs. They have a zero people and a zero pollution policy and would never allow point source polluters on Mount Seymour.

The Brookswood aquifer and all of Langley's groundwater sources need to have the same zero emission protection from Industrial Pollution as is insisted upon by the Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) over their surface reservoirs.

Langley deserves the same standards of non polluted drinking water as the GVRD insists upon for its surface watersheds. The GVRD mayors would not allow a relocation of industrial pollution to the Seymour watershed, and the citizens of Langley will not allow industrial pollution to poison our drinking water. Langley will have the same zero emission pollution standard as is the case for GVRD surface water.

Please sign our petition to have a proper 2017 environmental review and insist that zero emission standards are mandatory for all industrial operations overlying our life sustaining groundwater aquifers.