Ask Mayor Webber to step down

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The Township of Lambton Shores has become a special Interest group of elected officials bent on running Grand Bend and surrounding towns in a manner that best suits them and their friends,  All towns on Ontario's lake Huron coast rely heavily on the tourism industry and the funds they inject into the local economy ! It's become clear that the mayor and his council cronies are not interested in developing and maintaining the township of Lambton Shores in a way that the people and businesses within its borders can enjoy . This includes all the benefits of having a thriving tourist destination for 3 months of the year after tourists season ends we benefit from the entertainment and world class restaurants and stores all year long ! Clearly Webber feels company's should struggle to make enough money off the small year round population.  In signing this petition you are asking Mayor Webber and his council men to either stop with the anti tourism attitude or face being voted out in 2022 .  Your Signature is a voice saying you are not happy with the township's direction for your town , You will take a stand to make sure they are removed with a strong message to their followers that we are proud to live in an area that people find joy in visiting and that you are embarrased by the treatment of new residents,  businesses,  and visitors. Your signature will also remind them that the only way a small town can remain affordable is with the revenue that businesses bring into the area . The taxes ,  wages they pay to locals  the township. Also think about the part time jobs they offer to the youth throughout the summer months. Without the tourism the only ones in the future that will remain are rich retirees from large cities leaving the family that have called Lambton Shores home for generations pushed out . Please don't be afraid to speak up and tell council it's time for change!!!!!!!!!!!