Designation of a special land use area for the properties fronting White Lake

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The purpose of this petition is to request that the Township of Central Frontenac include a special land use area for the properties fronting White Lake in the Olden township area.

·      the previous Township of Central Frontenac held a special land use zone for White Lake.
·      White Lake’s water chemistry makes it susceptible to the invasion of zebra mussels and other invasive species
·      White Lake has no major inflow/outflow currents. Sediment and nutrients tend to stay in the lake and contribute to it’s ageing process.  Water quality could be seriously affected by runoff from shoreline development and improper land use.
·      White Lake Cottage Association has been diligent in adhering to and promoting adherence to the rules associated with White Lake’s designation as a “Fish Sanctuary lake” i.e. No fishing and no gas motors on the lake.
·      White Lake is the site of the White Lake Fish Culture Station due to the high water quality of the lake, the absence of gas motorboats, zebra mussels and blue green algae.  The unique water chemistry of White Lake allows it to stock a wide variety of lakes in Ontario.
·      White Lake Fish Culture Station is an economic engine for Central Frontenac Township and Frontenac County as it supplies fish to various lakes in support of sport fishing. tourism and ecological recovery, not to mention good jobs for the operation of the station.
·      impact on the water quality of White lake could negatively impact the operations and the future of the White Lake Fish Culture Station.

·      Since the inclusion of the Exception Zone for White Lake in 1995, new lots have been created and developed and this slow pace has enabled the Association members to monitor the impact of new development and establish dialogue with the new cottagers/property owners to ensure the continued protection of the Lake and its waters. The larger minimum Lot size and other provisions of the Exception Zone - White Lake has allowed development, but at a slow pace to limit its impact, as anticipated.
We, the members of the White Lake Cottagers Association and other concerned citizens of the Central Frontenac Township request that the Township of Central Frontenac Official Plan include a policy statement(s) that recognizes the unique aspects and the need for greater protection to the water quality of White Lake (Olden) by limiting development and the negative impacts of development and increased use, and continue the existing provisions of the Zoning By-law that:
·      limit minimum Lot sizes to 1.6 ha (4 acres);
·      limit minimum Lot frontage - water and road side to 91 m (298.5 ft) (thereby requiring Lots to be the same width at the lake front and the back side);
·      limit the maximum number of dwelling units per Lot to one;
·      limit Lot coverage of the main building to 25% and accessory buildings to 2%;
·      limit permitted uses that increase the risk of contamination and degradation of the shoreline and water quality, which could jeopardize the continued operation of the White Lake Fish Culture Station.