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Petition Presented To Mayor and Council

Hello Friends

Thank you, for your support in signing this petition which is very important to all residents and businesses in Fort Langley. Today I was interviewed by the Langley Times. You can read it here Langley TImes

Council is now deliberating on this year's budget and they have to make some hard decisions. We have waited many years for the Truck Traffic to be rerouted out of Fort Langley. Now is the time to take action.

We are a vibrant little community. We are the birthplace of B.C. We are a tourist destination. We are a Village of residents who wish to walk safely on our sidewalks. Our roads are not built to handle commercial truck traffic 

I encourage everyone who has signed this petition to take a few moments and write directly to the Mayor and Council. Let them know how important this issue is it you.

The email address is

Thank You

Andy Schildhorn. FLCA


Fort Langley Community Association
1 year ago