Collaborative Greening in Pittsford, NY

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A Petition for Collaborative Greening of the Village and Town of Pittsford, NY

In studying the future best use of parcels 3830, 3800, and 3750 Monroe Avenue in the Town of Pittsford, and 1 Village Lane in the Village of Pittsford, the Town and Village of Pittsford have recognized a unique opportunity to enhance and restore wetlands, riparian and wildlife habitat on these parcels, and to preserve a sizeable parcel of natural open space located in the walkable heart of the community.

Residents and leaders have been role models in restoring precious habitat by designating this land as a park, and campaigning for using only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved fertilizers and pesticides.


  1. Designate these parcels as permanent green space
  2. Craft and implement a joint management plan to ensure the future health of the northwest quadrant.
  3. Publicize the plans for ANY development for both the Village and Town in compliance with legal process, Village regulations, and NYS law, to ensure public involvement in the decision process.
  4. Guarantee that no construction occur within 500 feet of any designated wetland.
  5. Allow review environmental impact studies and ensure consistency between the Town/Village Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs (LWRP).
  6. Conduct an annual survey of flora and fauna in the parcels and update maintenance accordingly
  7. Campaign for using only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved fertilizers and pesticides in both public and residential spaces.
  8. Allow for a designated area of village property to be used by the town and village DPW facility, with the rest to be used as an arboretum
  9. Plan for interpretive signs and an interpretative center in the Erie Canal Nature Preserve, promoting the educational value of both the preserve and the arboretum
  10. Plan to further the purposes of adding to protected green spaces by acquiring undeveloped land on
    * Mendon Center Rd between subdivision and thruway (Florida West Property)
    * 3750 Monroe Avenue
    * Twenty-three acre parcel on Golf Avenue
    * Any riparian Corridor and Wetlands