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Petitioning Town official of Hay River Ross Potter and 1 other

The Town officials intention to destroy LOKI, lone survivor of hoarding.

PLEASE SIGN AND HELP SAVE THIS GENTLE DOG, LOKI, FROM BEING DESTROYED BECAUSE OF THE TOWN OFFICIALS AND BY LAW.  We need every possible signature and all the help we can get as the Town officials have deemed this gentle giant of the North to be dangerous. He is being victimized by those who do not know him and has protected many of his human and animal friends from danger and dog attacks by lesser animals.  His constant companion is Mr. Raven who alerts Bonnie to any threats on their long walks in the forest and leads her to safety.  Bonnie Dawson is an animal advocate and has achieved much for the animals in the Northland and the town, responsible for new laws for animals in the northlands.

This gentle giant is a gorgeous dog with incredibly sensitive eyes and a knowledge far beyond his years.  He enjoys walking with the neighbors and their animals, playing with his toys that he never destroyed and is loved by many worldwide.  He has been threatened by the town officials and by law authorities and if not in the care of Bonnie Dawson will be at the risk of being killed.  We cannot allow this to happen.  Bonnie Dawson has a secure place for Loki in her yard, being prepared for winter and a warm garage as well as her house where she wishes to have him join her other pets.  He is well acquained with her fur family and her protective nature as she's looked after him since he escaped the hoarding situation twice, however the other 22 other pups were decimated.  (Killed even though Bonnie offered to try to find homes for them but her offer was ignored.)

Look into the eyes of this beautiful boy!  Who could not love this fantastic animal??   He is a survivor and has put Hay River on the map - an unknown quantity before LOKI (LowKii). I believe he should live a long happy life and implore you to sign the petition for his safety. 

Letter to
Town official of Hay River Ross Potter
Mayor (Mayor)
We all must do our part to protect Loki, and turn around the town's intentions to destroy LOKI, a beautiful dog who survived a hoarding situation. The other 22 pups were killed in an undisclosed manner and we do not want anything to happen to Loki who has a home waiting for him.
Please sign to protect him!

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