Pass the Brunch Bill in Williamston, NC

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Thank you for taking the time to read and sign our Brunch Bill Petition. By signing this petition, you are asking the Williamston Town Council to pass the “Brunch Bill.”  On June 30, Governor Roy Cooper signed the Brunch Bill that allows restaurants and grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages at 10:00 on Sundays. As we all work together to build a strong local economy, attract diverse, new people to our area, along with new businesses and industries, the passing of this bill would be a great asset to our businesses, our town and our citizens!

There are many economic impact studies about rescinding “Blue Laws” available online, but here are the most significant talking points.


 The majority of Williamston’s out-of-state visitors come from states that allow alcohol to be served at Sunday Brunch. Since the signing of the Brunch Bill in June, most in-state visitors are now coming from cities that serve alcohol on Sunday mornings.

 Repeat visits and recommendations to friends are the golden tickets to stimulating an economy through Travel & Tourism. But, to accomplish these things, Williamston must first meet the travelers needs and expectations. Travel and tourism research shows that if these needs and expectations are not met:

  1.  Visitors don’t return by choice (They only come if they have to.)
  2.  Compulsory visitors spend less
  3.  Visitors do not recommend the destination to others



According to the #2 item on their list of recommendations to revitalize a downtown is to “create incentives for locating restaurants, cafes, and bars downtown.” Where there are restaurants and bars, people come. This bill is an incentive. This is not about one restaurant downtown, it is a much broader scope that can either encourage or discourage more restaurants and help build a vibrant downtown area.



Restaurant sales and tips for wait staff will increase, thus stimulating more tax revenue for Williamston.



Town Council members are the current stewards of Williamston, and should not, in good conscience intentionally cripple economic growth by sending our dollars to the surrounding cities. Greenville, Kinston, New Bern, Rocky Mount, Washington and Chocowinity have already passed the brunch bill.

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing this petition! Help support businesses like the Red Heron Cafe, Haughton Hall, Inc., Roanoke Golf Course & Country Club, Big Mill Bed & Breakfast, and Ribeyes. These businesses have a vision to grow our local economy and to create a more vibrant Town! When visitors come from out of town, we want them to see us as an area that is progressive and competitive. We don't want our town to be passed over!  We want to show them what southern hospitality is all about!


The following businesses and/or organizations have expressed their support of the "Brunch Bill" (letters on file):

  • The Martin County Tourism Development Authority
  • Ribeyes of Williamston
  • Big Mill B&B
  • Roanoke Golf Course & Country Club
  • Haughton Hall Inc.


Contributing authors: BJ Bowen, Callie Northern-Herring, Misty Thompson, Mary Anne Crowe

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