Save Hughsonville and Save the Town

Save Hughsonville and Save the Town

May 25, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robin Licari

Dear Town of Wappinger Town Board and Supervisor,

It is imperative for the current and future growth, safety, and vibrancy of the Town of Wappinger that you immediately enact a Moratorium on all Gasoline station projects, and reinstate the prior restrictions in Zoning Code section 240-52 that you removed in March and November of 2019. The proposed gas station project at the corner of 9D and New Hamburg Rd in the historic hamlet of Hughsonville raises serious environmental, economic, and quality of life concerns that will not only negatively impact Hughsonville, but demonstrate that without the full restoration of Zoning Code  240-52 this type of destructive development can happen in any neighborhood in the Town of Wappinger.

Residents concerns over the Gasland project include:

➢   Residential well water contamination from gas spillage at pumps and storm water runoff, as well as potential leaks from the large underground gas, diesel, and septic tanks

➢   Building out of alignment with the environmental, historical, and community characteristics of the area which goes against the Town Comprehensive Plan and County Greenway Compact. There is an organic farm just down the hill from the proposed gas station site, and the homes and buildings surrounding the gas station date back to the 18th and mid-19th centuries.

➢   Increased traffic and congestion on 9D

➢   Safety issues for vehicles and pedestrians coming in and out of the gas station on what will be an even busier intersection

➢   Noise and light pollution from a nearly 35 ft high, 8,000 sq ft building that will run a 24/7, 365 day a year gas station

➢   Health impact on residents in the surrounding area, as well as tenants renting the apartments above the gas station from toxic vapors and diesel fumes

➢   Concerns for children’s health and safety at bus stops in the areas, and along bus routes that pass through the area

We, the undersigned Concerned Community Residents, call on the Town Board and Town Supervisor to amend Zoning Code 240-52 in order to restore protections the Town Board stripped away through changes made on March 11, 2019 and November 13, 2019.

Specifically, amend Zoning Code 240-52 to once again include the original language before these 2019 changes:

●       “No gasoline station shall be within 1,000 feet of the boundary line of any residence district or of any school, church, park, playground, hospital, public library, institution for dependents or children or any place of public assembly designed for the simultaneous use of 100 person or more, regardless of the district where either premises are located” (3/11/19 removal)

●       “There shall be a minimum of 2,500 feet between gasoline filing stations”. (3/11/19 removal)

●       “Use of a building for any resident or sleeping quarters shall not be permitted, except that in the Hamlet Mixed Use District, dwelling units which are separate from the gas stations may be permitted above the commercial ground floor use in the principal gas station building”. (11/13/19 addition)

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Signatures: 485Next Goal: 500
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