Stop the re-zoning of Conservation Land around Bell Pond, Lance Cove Pond and West Damn.

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The Town of Wabana has published a proposal to amend its Municipal Plan and Development Regulations. This amendment specifically targets the Re-Zoning of land surrounding Bell Pond and Lance Cove Pond from its current "Conservation” status to “Recreation Open Space” and “Resource Management” respectively. It also proposes to broaden the usage regulations around West Damn to allow for Recreational Open Space activities.

The Re-Zoning and change of regulations in these areas will permit human development and potentially harmful activities within these sensitive watersheds which also contain fragile wetlands. The 2 bodies of water at the western end of Bell Island feed the aquifers that supply clean drinking water to many of Bell Island’s residents including the private and community wells located in the communities of Lance Cove, Bickfordville and Freshwater. Any development permitted under this re-zoning could potentially put these water sources at risk. The change of regulations related to West Damn are potentially just as harmful.

Bell Island has very few sources of clean, fresh water. Efforts need to be taken to fully protect these areas from potential harm. This includes maintaining the current “Conservation” zoning and usage regulations. Please help us make this happen!