Turn Rapture Nightclub into a Homeless Shelter or Women's Refuge

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When a young woman recently contacted the Owner/Manager of the Rapture Night Club after suspecting she was the victim of drink spiking, she received a horrendously poor response, as detailed in the images.

We live in 2019, a time when violence against women, including sexual assault, is at epidemic proportions. To create change, we have to stand up for women and give them respect. Misogyny, victim blaming and shaming cannot go unnoticed and it cannot be tolerated.

With recent social media scrutiny of Rapture Nightclub's extremely poor response to reports of drink spiking within their venue, further investigation has found the club's owner, Neil Scott, to also publicly shame homeless people on his personal Facebook page. This blatant lack of respect for individuals experiencing disadvantage and for the safety of women is unacceptable. The role of being an owner of a licensed venue should be to demonstrate respect for customers and the community and to ensure a safe environment, at the top of their priorities.

We believe that this venue has failed to represent the values or the interests of the people of Perth. We are asking for this venue to be closed down and turned into either a shelter for the homeless or a Women's refuge. We also seek for the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor WA to revoke Mr Scott's rights to own, manage or serve alcohol in or at any venue in Western Australia.