Residents Say No To Petrol Station And Hungry Jacks

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Victoria Park Development Assessment Panel has plans to knock down one of our Local IGA's that has been on Orrong Road and Archer Street for years. In it's place they will be building a Hungry Jacks and a 7Eleven Petrol Station.

Keep in mind that there is not one, but 2 other Hungry Jacks within 5 minutes drive from here, and even worse, there is already a BP Petrol Station across the road also on the corner of Orrong Road and Archer Street.

From what I have read, this has already been rejected by the community TWICE so far by the public. The Tax payers of this local area. Yet the local community's voices have been dismissed and the decision has been made to go ahead with the development.

Orrong Road and Archer Street is already a busy intersection (among others in the area). We do not need more fast food outlets. The existing IGA on the other hand, although it is an old building and run down, gets used by many residents and it is in a convenient place to stop on your way home. Would the tax payers money not be better spent giving the building and car park a refresh.

Please listen to the community which has shown a strong opinion against this decision.


You can read the full plans for this development here:[s]6fc98a79/20180418%20-%20Agenda%20-%20No%20293%20-%20City%20of%20Canning%20-%20Town%20of%20Victoria%20Park000221-000240.pdf

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