Keep Junior Footy at Higgins Park

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The Vic Park Raiders have been using Higgins Park as our home base since 1953. However, the Town of Vic Park is undertaking a Master Plan of future development of the park which may result in the relocation of the Raiders and the placement of a 1.8m high fence to house a Synthetic  turf for Hockey to be played at Higgins Park

The Vic Park Raiders are just like the TOVP, in the sense of being composed of diverse, multicultural elements - where differences are respected and successes are celebrated. Just like the town where we live, the Raiders have a strong association of caring for its families - and a long history of supporting the underdogs of our community. To many families in the area, the Raiders represent a beacon that assists young kids to have a real purpose in life - and to give them the confidence to transfer what they learn on the footy field to their own personal lives.

If you would like to provide your support for improved facility's for our growing club, 2 marked ovals that provide the space that our growing  boys and girls teams need to train and play Junior AFL and keeping public open space at Higgins Park so that Higgins Park can be enjoyed by all local residents for years to come .

We would value if you can sign this online petition to keep the Raiders at Higgins Park.  Additionally, if you can also provide your own testimony and let us know what the Raiders mean to you and your family, that would also be most appreciated.  The TOVP has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Raiders.  The club needs you to let them know just how much you care.