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Town of Vauxhall Council & Administration,

The recent engagements between the Vauxhall Curling Club and the Town of Vauxhall are very discouraging and risks the closure of a very important establishment in the Town of Vauxhall. The Arena Complex was built by volunteers after a devastating fire to the original Curling Rink on main street. This has been an ongoing battle for many years with Town Council and the unwillingness to collaborate and communicate with important user groups in this town shows the lack of support, honesty, and integrity from the Town of Vauxhall to these user groups.

As outlined in the Town of Vauxhall’s Strategic Plan the goals for the future are to promote, economically develop, revitalize, and foster an inclusive community through the facilitation and leadership of the Town of Vauxhall listing the curling rink as an asset. The user groups in this town, including the Vauxhall Curling Club, are essential to the future growth and success of this community with countless hours of volunteering to promote, economically develop, and foster an inclusive community. Instead of attending conferences and classes about how to successfully expand and boost your community, ask the many generations of volunteers who live here and contribute their time, money, and efforts to this community as well as the existing local businesses who work hard for their community. It is very hard to support a Town Council & Administration that does not support all the businesses, user groups, and residents of their community.

The Vauxhall Curling Club started and continues to be an inclusive opportunity for all people to come together, meet new people, exercise, and attract people to Vauxhall – all aspects of the Town of Vauxhall’s Strategic Plan. The Curling Club has been categorized as ‘exclusive’ by Council & Administration stating that the Club doesn’t contribute to the town and is inaccessible to the general public. This is a false categorization as the Curling Club hosts as many as four bonspiels each year bringing in anywhere from 4-12 outside teams plus several local teams each with no restrictions as to age, ability, or residency. These teams support the Curling Club, the arena concession, local businesses, and appreciate the countless volunteer hours that are required to organize these events. In addition, the Club hosts 3 league nights and 2 ‘junior’ nights each week as well as local schools & other user groups such as the Vauxhall Baseball Academy and local 4H Clubs have utilized the facility for their own functions. Through this the Club directly supports tourism, recreation, local businesses, and an inclusive community and as the only the only board ran group in the complex it incurs costs for repairs and maintenance, employing an ice technician, and paying town rental.

We strongly encourage Council to consider the impact and loss the closing of the curling rink will bring to the Club’s members, local curlers, the Town of Vauxhall, businesses, local user groups, and the countless volunteers that are doing their best to keep the Club strong. Budgetary restrictions are a limiting factor, understandably, but after research and consultation of finances with the Town of Vauxhall Council and administration there is still unanswered questions and an unwillingness to effectively collaborate on this issue. We also strongly encourage Council to participate and show interest in the Club’s events and experience first-hand how this sport so strongly impacts the Town, its surrounding communities, schools, families, players, residents, and its audience.

“People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible possible” – let Town Council and the local user groups work together to make this a reality.

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