No to Cup o Joe, & Donut to Go?

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Twillingate has long held the unique reputation as an Outport Community that the rest of this Province can only aspire to. Rooted deeply in its amazing fabric is a diverse, creative, grassroots, business community that enthusiastically plays an active role in maintaining that unique reputation, because, like you, we love living in the midst of it's understated charm . . Our  lives are invested here.

Imagine, relocating the Town of Gander, Box Stores, Hotels, Strip Malls, All of it, and setting that stark, cold, utilitarian, persona on the shores of Twillingate. Then imagine that everyone of those businesses are owned by individuals outside of Twillingate. Their only concern has nothing to do with the type of grassroots business that exist today, and everything to do with the lining of their overstuffed pocket.

Now; do you honestly believe this will still be the place you choose to live ?

Hold onto your hats B'ys! That's about to happen. The "unforseen" tragedy is, the door closing on our community's " understated charm" will never be open again.

Notre Dame Agencies has made application to open a Robins Donut & Coffee at the premises of Notre Dame Furnishings in the "once" charming Twillingate. The Town of Twillingate hasn't the authority to stand in the way of free enterprise, but by allowing a new box store franchise into our community will set free a monster precedent. Opening the gates to this business development is precedent setting, and guarantees there will be more of the same for eternity. Not only is our very salable, attractive charm left in the dust by a zero conscience attitude, but  also, and far worse,  families, neighbors, and friend are going to be hurt. "Your" neighbors and friends who have built their lives around businesses where their hearts & souls reside, are going to get hurt. Maybe loose everything to satisfy the ever hungry lining of those overstuffed pockets.

There are more than 6 shops catering to the coffee appetites of Twillingate in the summer season, and 3 in the off season. If you feel as we do, that the precedent set by allowing Robins Donuts  franchise to be installed  in Twillingate is "unacceptable". Help protect our Community, our Businesses, your Friends, and Family. . . Please Sign.

The Town will allow us to voice our concerns till Tues. 5pm. Please respond promptly.