Stop unethical development and zoning changes in Trumbull

Stop unethical development and zoning changes in Trumbull

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We are a non-partisan group of residents calling for fair and honest government by town boards and commissions responsible for oversight of planning and zoning changes and environmental impacts to the community.  We want to call attention specifically to a series of events in regards to the proposed Moorefield Farms Development LLC as well as the threat of environmental harm (specifically flooding) posed by the development. See timeline of events below-


1. Call for accountability from our elected officials and demand that they treat residents fairly, answer our questions, and offer opinions on sound government as it pertains to the Moorefield Farms Development.  

2. Say "NO" to the Moorefield Farms Development;  don't allow our town P&Z to change zoning at 2157 Huntington Turnpike (currently zoned for 1 house per acre) to accommodate 11 homes.  Demand that the developer provide an independent 3rd party engineering review as ordered by Wetlands Commission. (IWWC).  

3. Call for a vote before the November election;  insist that Fred Garrity or Tony Silber, the PZC Chairman and Vice Chair, schedule the vote for the week of 10/28.  Make sure that elected officials are accountable to their decisions and to the public's will.  Delaying the vote hurts candidates on both sides. It helps the Planning and Zoning Commission escape accountability. It helps the developer/applicant to push the project through without public input and and an accountable commission.  All voters deserve to know where the candidates stand on this issue!

4. Demand that we protect our wetlands, quality of life and natural resources.  The proposed project will be built next to Mischa Brook Park Conservation area, a large wetland that is already overtaxed and protects lower lying areas such as Booth Hill Road and Pinebrook Lake from flooding.  Demand that the current application for the project go before the Inlands Wetlands Commission!

5. STOP future catastrophic flooding events like the events of 9/18/18 and 4/19/19 by holding our elected officials accountable to responsible zoning practices.  We are calling for the State DEEP to investigate the  proposed site.

6. STOP runaway spending by town residents required to defend themselves against the haphazard zoning decisions and proceedings of the town as occurred with 147 Daniels Farms Road and 2157 Huntington Turnpike.

Timeline of Events:

Video Link-

Moorefield P&Z Meeting video

-10/17/18- Elected P&Z ZBA Commissioner Matt Reale brings his Age-Restricted  text amendment forward as pre-application presentation at P&Z meeting. Applicant is told that his 14 unit plan would first need to go to wetlands (IWWC) for approval as this is the standard protocol.

· 1/8/19- The commission voted to hold a public hearing at the February meeting due to significant impact activity. The Commission said this amount of disturbance in the upland review area and on the slopes leading to the wetland will have a direct impact to the wetlands. They stated it was in their regulations to ask for an alternate plan and did so. The commission voted for and ordered that the applicant agree to a third party review and environmental study to be selected by the Town and funded by the Applicant.

· 1/30/19- Town engineering sends a notice of cost to Reale’s group for the wetlands commission ordered independent third party report and environmental study. ($16,000) Payment never made.

· 2/5/19- Public hearing on the application. Commission find major issues with the plans and on their site walk. (non-compliance on 45 items) Neighbor’s engineer presents and submits report with major issues. Once again, the Commission asked if there was any alternative plan. The applicant stated that no alternate plan was being considered. The public hearing is continued.

· 2/20/19- Reale’s LLC formally withdraws wetlands application. P&Z Commission Chair Fred Garrity and Larry LaConte formally recuse themselves from proceedings after participating in the pre-application. Reale’s group indicates they will file a revised text amendment instead of going to wetlands first. That is out of sequence from what was stated by Fred Garrity at the 10/17/18 meeting.

- 3/20/19- Public hearing on Reale’s group text amendment application to change density and building standards and spacing of ARHZ. (Age Restricted Housing Zone Age 60+) Neighbor’s attorney and more than 16 residents opposing comments. Public hearing is voted closed.

· 3/28/19- Special meeting held to deliberate on text amendment application (19-05). Public comment is voted closed. Motion carried to continue discussion at the P&Z Commission April 17th, 2019 regular meeting.

· 4/17/19- At regular P&Z meeting, Chairman Garrity announces the continuation of the application File:#19-05 to a special meeting.

· 4/25/19- Motion failed and application denied at special meeting.

· 8/21/19- Reale’s group quietly files and application for a zone change with a site plan to allow 11 age restricted housing units with a private road access. Residential AA Zone to the Age Restricted Housing Zone pursuant to Art. II, Sec. 2.4, Art. XV of the Town of Trumbull Zoning Regulations. This plan represents the ‘alternate plan’ that IWWC requested in January and February. Significant opposing comments from residents and a plea to leave public hearing open to allow neighbor’s engineer to attend once back in town. P&Z Vice Chair Tony Silber chaired the meeting and voted to close the meeting. (3-2) Vote. Yes, Silber, Preusch , Scinto. No- Chory and D’Aquila. Silber indicates there will be a special meeting within one to two weeks to deliberate and vote on application.

· 8/28/19- Resident’s widely respected Civil Engineer reviews plans upon his return and outlines many of the same major issues in the original report. The site plan and development cannot be built without impinging on the 100’ setback and will require a wetlands permit. The plan would also very likely require setback variances. In this case, a variance could not be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals as it is a self created hardship.

· 9/6/19-  A Special P & Z Meeting to decide on the application is scheduled for 9/11/19 and is posted on the town website

· 9/9/19 12 concerned residents submit a letter to the editor via email to the Trumbull Times and CT Post on the subject application. P&Z office calls within the hour stating a cancellation until later in September due to health issues with town attorney and other commissioners. Letters not published until 10/4.(see below)

· 9/12/19 Email from Vicki Tesoro received by residents inviting to a meeting on 9/19 at town hall to share  concerns.

· 9/16/19 Tesoro postpones the meeting via email and states she contact us to re-schedule..

· 9/18/19 At the regular P&Z Meeting. Staff reported that a Special Meeting date for Moorefield Farms has not yet been scheduled. Chairman Garrity states that the September 11th meeting was canceled due to scheduling conflict with Attorneys. (Yet another reason that doesn’t match what we’ve been previously told)

· 10/1/19- Call is made to P&Z office inquiring about meeting date as it was supposed to be late September. We are told it is likely to be held 11/13 after the election. Reasons given by two members of staff were that there was difficulty getting space for the meeting at town hall or the library. Also, difficulty in getting a quorum and scheduling commissioners.

· 10/4/19- Letters published in both TT & CT Post. TT Editor states letter was held until approved by his boss, which he eventually received. Also, that he discussed  the receipt of letter with town attorney Jim Nugent. We did not send to him. 

-10/16/19- P&Z Chair Fred Garrity announces a date of 11/13/19 for a special meeting to decide the application. One week after the town election.

-10/25/19-  Town Attorney Jim Nugent emails and states there will not be a meeting the week of 10/28 and will have to wait until November after the election. He also states that wetlands comm. does not have jurisdiction over the application.

-10/28/19- Petition is submitted to Trumbull P&Z for distribution to P&Z commissioners.. 

-10/29/19- Town Attorney Nugent emails that as the public hearing was closed weeks ago (11 weeks to be exact) that the commissioners cannot receive the petition or any other new evidence. **  A statement from Town Attorney Jim Nugent statement is posted on the town website:   

-11/1/19- Trumbull Times publishes article in Trumbull Times in large part paraphrasing Town Attorney Nugent's statement without opposition chance to comment and correct misinformation. Residents contend the attorney's statement represents his opinion only. 11/3/19- Same letter posted in print and online in CT Post with same misrepresentations and lack of chance to comment.   


Why is Trumbull’s P&Z delaying vote on Moorefield Farm development until after the election?

Why isn’t this development going to Inlands/Wetlands commission for review?

Why weren’t the 45 questions regarding the wetlands issues answered by the developer?