Deny the application to expand the Acadia Wilderness Lodge

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We the citizens of Tremont wish to express our concerns to the town Planning Board regarding the proposed expansion of the Acadia Wilderness Lodge. It is the responsibility of the Planning Board to make decisions regarding the future development of our town in accordance with the Land Use Ordinance. The land use ordinance is meant to protect the welfare and safety of the community It is also a tool for decision making to ensure that any development within the town does not impact the essential character of each neighborhood. The proposed campground consists of 154 sites which will include 71 recreational vehicle sites, 41 tent sites, 42 cabins, a check-in building, recreational building that will include an indoor pool and store on the property, as well as service buildings. As defined in the Land Use Ordinance, the Residential-Business Zone is, "to preserve the integrity of the residential uses while allowing for maritime related and light commercial activity which are compatible with the physical capability of the land." We argue that the planned expansion of the campground is not in alignment with the definition of "light commercial activity." We also wish to express our concerns about the impact on road safety and quality that will occur as a result of the increased traffic flow. Our roads are already deficient in quality, we have a lack of bike lanes and sidewalks. Adding the potential of 80 plus vehicles as well as 71 recreational vehicles will certainly not increase the safety and quality of the roads for the taxpayers who live here. Allowing the larger campground will set a dangerous precedent for the future of our town, opening the door for larger development to be an acceptable standard within our rural way of life. With great concerns for the future of our town, we the taxpayers and citizens of Tremont, ask that you deny the application to expand the Acadia Wilderness Lodge.