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Town of Taos, New Mexico: Stop the July 4th Torture of Shelter Animals - Move the Fireworks!


Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is located within a few blocks from the venue used by the Town of Taos for the yearly Fourth of July fireworks display. The explosions surround the main building, and the outside 'pods' housing dogs and cats who have already experienced severe trauma in their lifetimes. From inside the pods, especially, you feel like you are in a war zone. And for the animals, it is, literally. One dog broke his own leg in a desperate attempt flee. For the animals, staff and volunteers, it is a night in hell. It is time to end this unnecessary suffering by moving the fireworks to a location that would not affect the shelter animals, who have no choice.

Letter to
Council Member Andrew T. Gonzales
Council Member Frederick A. Peralta
Council Member Rudy Abeyta
and 5 others
Mayor of Taos Darren Cordova
Council Member Michael Silva
Town Manager Oscar Rodriguez
Chief of Police Kenneth Koch
Volunteer Fire Chief Jim Fambro
Stop the July 4th Torture of Shelter Animals
We, the undersigned respectfully request that the Town of Taos permanently relocate the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Display to a safe area where the explosions will not cause unnecessary trauma and suffering to the animals housed at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. At the current venue, being present at the shelter during the fireworks display is literally like being in a war zone. Many of the dogs and cats living at the shelter are terrified - one dog broke his own leg in an attempt to escape. Many of these animals have already endured abuse, neglect or trauma; three dogs are feral. Staff and volunteers do their best to sit with and comfort animals who are in a panic state, but it's just not enough. The only solution is the move the fireworks display, and prevent this night in hell.

This action would show the community of Taos that our town leaders are compassionate, concerned about community issues, and have the best interests of the shelter in mind; it would shine positive light on Taos, in general, to potential visitors - regionally, nationally and internationally and could be an encouragement for animal lovers to visit.

The animals have no choice, and no voice in this matter. But we, as humankind, do. We ask that you permanently move the fireworks celebration to a location that will not effect the shelter animals.

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