Help Save “The Wild Animal Park”

Help Save “The Wild Animal Park”

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Robin Collins
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The Wild Animal Park is a wonderful zoo in Chittenango, NY. For years they have brought amazing joy to the CNY and surrounding areas. People have put their life’s work into it just to make it perfect. They even came up with a solution to serve the community during, COVID-19. On June 2nd, 2020. The owner Jeff Taylor wrote this on Facebook.

”Today I was served papers of a lawsuit put forward by the Town of Sullivan board in an effort to shut down my drive thru safari. Ultimately that will lead to the closure of the zoo. We busted our asses building the drive thru and invested a lot of money as a last ditch effort to save my business that I have dedicated my life to building. I was straight forward with the town from the start and explained it was an emergency situation to save my business. They were not fully supportive but also did not tell me no. They waited 15 mins until after my grand opening to serve me with cease and desist papers. Upon calling them they told me it was only to protect themselves and they didn’t expect me to stop my business. One board member told me he hoped I didn’t stop. I have been more then Cooperative with working with them doing whatever they ask and thought I was on the right track until today. Now there is a god damn pandemic going on and our country is being torn apart and the Town of Sullivan elected officials think that my business is such a threat they want to shut it down?? This has nothing to do with my business this is without a doubt a personal vendetta due to politics and a corrupt codes enforcement officer. What they say to your face and what they do are 2 completely different things. They do not care about my family or my children’s future. So at this point I am going to sell the zoo and all my properties. I just can’t fight them anymore.....As of right now 2020 will be my final year open”

PLEASE help us come together and show the Town of Sullivan that by discouraging this wonderful place they are doing more harm to the community than Jeff is!