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Re-Open Stonington High School Dirt Lot

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I paid for parking last year and then realized it was a big waste of money paying the town $100 for parking at a public school. $100 is a lot of money to some people, sometimes people do not even have $100 to spare till their next paycheck. The $100 goes to the plowing of the parking lot but, this is where it gets confusing. If the town owns the building and property then why should students have to pay for parking which really goes to plowing. The plowing at the High School is terrible and if OSHA came in and saw how much ice and snow was left on the ground the company would be paying big fines. I plow snow commercially, I know it sucks. I have sat in a truck for 30 hours at one time just to make sure the parking lot was clean and ice free. What about the kids who work after school and bring a trailer in so they do not have to waste time and go home and load up there equipment. The dirt lot gets plowed when we get a blizzard and that happens once or twice a year if theres not a lot of snow on the ground its your own risk if you get stuck. Its not just about plowing, it is not just about money, it is more parking for the school and makes things less crowded at the end of the day. If I have not sold my point yet I would be happy to sit down and talk about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this

- Colin Turner Senior at SHS

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