Town of Stonewall Proposal to Ban Hockey

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The Town of Stonewall is proposing to ban hockey on Public Reserves, which means no more hockey on any of the ponds in public spaces. How anti-Canadian! People have been skating on outdoor ponds for decades! This is Canada, this is what we do!

The proposed bylaw amendments are shown in yellow, explicitly listing hockey as an offence and not permitted on public reserve.

This is what we need you to do:

STEP 1: Sign the petition showing your support to prevent the Town of Stonewall from banning hockey.

STEP 2: Share! Post this petition on Facebook.  Email or text it to friends.  Get as many people to sign this petition to stop hockey from being banned.

STEP 3: Call/email each member of Town Council and tell them that you are not in support of this bylaw amendment:

Clive Hinds: 204-467-5787 -

Peter Bullivant:

Jackie Luellman:

Walter Badger: 204-467-5838 -

Sign this petition to show your support and prevent the Town of Stonewall from banning hockey!  Share it with others!