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Reinstate Officer David Lange

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My name is Danielle, I am writing this petition to help reinstate Officer David Lange. Officer Lange was asked to step down from his position as a police officer for the town of Shirley, MA in the spring of 2017. Prior to David's resignation he was met with the ultimatum of resigning or being terminated for failure to file a police report. The police report stems from a detail David was working in the town of Littleton. David witnessed an occurrence while working as a police officer  in another town. David did not make the arrest on this detail and when he reported to the Littleton police department he was told because of that he did not need to file a report. Months later when it was time to go to court and testify, Shirley police department came to find it David had not filed a report. A supposed investigation was done, which Dave has never seen. Following the investigation the police department came to the conclusion that David should resign. David has commuted over an hour to and from work on a daily basis because he loved his job.  David eventually bought a House in the town of Shirley for myself and my children when we had nowhere to go. David is an individual who has never wanted any more than to help those around him. He has often volunteered his time in the town between the senior center and the recreational department's.  My son has gone down to the police department to wash cruisers with him. David is the only officer I know that will pull someone over and explain what they've done wrong and talk through the course of action with them rather than write a ticket. David has always said his job is more about teaching other people right from wrong then simply punishing them without any explanation them without any explanation.  David comes from a  Family of police officers, his father and grandfather and has never wanted more for himself then to be an officer.  For anyone that knows officer Lange,  they know he'd give you the shirt off his back, the last dollar in his pocket, or a ride home late at night when you'd otherwise have to walk. I truly believe that David is not done in the town of Shirley, he has so much more to offer each and every member of the community.  I'm asking for anybody that knows Dave, or that knows of his situation to sign this petition. My hope is to bring more awareness as to how important he is to this community. 

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