Reject the Amazon Warehouse Proposal in Schodack

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A million sq ft. warehouse revealed on June 18, 2018 after months of speculation is Amazon.  This proposed warehouse is off Rte 9  and it is not a good fit for Schodack NY or rural Rensselaer County. The 24/7 facility will have 300+ Tractor trailers loading daily, filling the air with diesel air pollution. Nearby rural homes will be adversely affected by noise, pollution, and run-off issues. More than simply the immediate area around the warehouse which will be affected, but also several miles along Rts. 9/20 and Rt. 9 will face traffic hazards from tractor trailers (30 per hour)+ increase in vehicles (600) making it hazardous for residents to turn off onto rural, residential roads. In addition, the facility, with acres of black-top, is located directly above the Town's aquifer, and in close proximity to the environmentally-sensitive Moordener Kill (Creek).

This proposal will not provide any tax breaks for residents and water and sewer hookups will be costly for residents if offered.  

The cost of appropriate fire apparatus to service a warehouse the size of Yankee stadium is an additional cost to taxpayers. Not to mention the strain on emergency and police services. 

Vacant warehouses dot the urban landscape in Albany, Rensselaer, and other, already industrially-zoned areas of the Capital District. We urge you to reject this proposal thus preserving the open lands in Schodack and other rural parts of Rensselaer County for agricultural, natural, and other environmentally-sensitive business uses.

We the undersigned concerned residents of Schodack are asking the Town of Schodack government to adhere to the strategic vision articulated in the adopted Comprehensive Plan with regard to the approval of commercial development in our Town.