Town of Renfrew to fund Crossing-Guard at Queen Elizabeth Barr St. Entrance

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A crossing guard was once provided by the school, but is ultimately the responsibility of the town. Yes, children should learn to cross the street safely, but as many parents and neighbours around the school know, the pick up time at the end of the day is very busy and chaotic and it is only a matter of time that there is an accident. It is proposed that the town of Renfrew hire a crossing guard for Barr St, where children cross before and after school. Similar to the one that is at Hall St, the two that are on Veterans' Memorial Blvd and similar to the other crossing guards provided at other schools in town. Barr St. is the bus route and pick up zone for many children as well, making the road congested. The safety of the students is top priority.  Please add your name to the petition so that the Town Council of Renfrew can see all those that support this. 

Thank you.