Keep “Solar Farms” out of Pompey

Keep “Solar Farms” out of Pompey

March 7, 2021
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Town of Pompey
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Why this petition matters

Started by Protect Pompey

‼️There’s something going on in the Town of Pompey, that you may not be aware of. ‼️


There is legislation about to be passed in the Town of Pompey to legalize large solar “farms” on privately owned properties. The infrastructural upgrades, and subsequent disassembly of decommissioned panels, could come at the cost of taxpayers. It has become evident that the push for legalizing solar “farms”  is driven by only a few individuals in town. The majority of people who live here do NOT want solar “farms”.


Reasons to ban solar “farms” include:

❌-Too much cost to the taxpayers, with benefit only to special interest land owners.

❌-Destruction of beautiful country views.

❌-Reduced property values of neighboring properties.

❌-Reduction in tillable farmland and pasture acreage.

❌-Lack of a plan for future disassembly and removal of the foreign-made solar panels. The average life of these operations is 30 years.

❌- Very little assurance that heavy metals will not leech into the soil, and ground water.


⚠️**Solar “farms” are NOT FARMS. They are commercial power plants that are heavily subsidized. At present, two-thirds of all solar panel equipment is produced in China!**⚠️





- WILL NOT bring revenue into the town

- WILL NOT mean locally consumed energy is solar, the energy companies involved provide energy to downstate areas.

- WILL NOT increase property values

- WILL NOT support the local agriculture industry

- WILL NOT help keep town taxes low (they’re already being raised)


Unknown to many, the town board is no longer holding sessions for public comment regarding this matter. The board will vote to legalize large solar “farms” at the April town board meeting. 


If you are a Town of Pompey resident, we ask you to sign this petition.

Join us in the fight to preserve our beautiful town’s agricultural land, and stand up for what’s right for the people who live here, before it’s too late.

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Signatures: 29Next Goal: 50
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