Prevent Verizon Cell Tower on Community Path between Brookside Meadow West & Charter Oaks

Prevent Verizon Cell Tower on Community Path between Brookside Meadow West & Charter Oaks

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Town of Pittsford Planning Board

Why this petition matters

Started by Alyson Grossman

Please sign this petition to oppose the placement of a new Verizon equipment pole for our area near the rocks on the "community path" that connects the Brookside Meadow West and Charter Oaks neighborhoods.

This is a high traffic foot and bicycle path actively used by many families, individuals (and their dogs) that live in both these neighborhoods and the surrounding area. It is in the best interest of the community to locate the equipment pole away from this heavily traveled pathway.

Verizon does not have access to this location through Muirfield Court, so access would require expanding the width of the community path, to 12-13 feet across, for the 200 feet the path travels from the path head on Stuyvesant Rd. to this newly proposed location. The expansion of the path is to accommodate Verizon’s requirement that it's trucks have 24/7/365 day access to the equipment pole.

We especially oppose placing the equipment pole near the community path when other alternatives already approved by Verizon are available and easier to implement and maintain.

Having the equipment pole located further north than the community path on Stuyvesant but still in the area acceptable to Verizon would be the least disruptive solution for the entire neighborhood. The original location Verizon selected was on Stuyvesant at the end of Charter Oaks Drive; it is unclear why plans have changed from this original location. Having the equipment pole located anywhere on Stuyvesant would provide Verizon 24/7/365 access from a street that is already plowed by the town without the need for structural changes or disruptions to the community pathway. Please refer to the map accompanying this petition.

This petition will be shared with the Pittsford Planning Board at an open meeting at Town Hall, lower level, on Monday, February 14 at 6:30 pm. We encourage attendance from concerned neighbors at the Planning Board meeting.  

Please sign this petition if you oppose having the new Verizon equipment pole located on our community's pathway. 

46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!