Keep Penetang Neighbourhoods For Residents

Keep Penetang Neighbourhoods For Residents

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Town of Penetanguishene Administration & Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Jeanine Jankowski

In the matter of short term rentals in Penetanguishene, Councillors were presented with a Zoning By-Law update report that contained a suggested approach to license short term rentals in the town of Penetanguishene, Ontario.

People signing this petition believe commercial business short term rentals (AirBnB's) do not belong in residential zones and therefore should not be as-of-right and licensed to any R1 property owner in Penetanguishene. 

Short term rentals in residential zones are bad for the neighbourhoods we love in our town because:

1. They disrupt the reasonable right to safety and enjoyment of the neighbourhood of primary residents, which should be priority above all other.

2. They come with a long list of unpleasantries and dangers from noise and garbage, to safety issues such as dangerous driving, confrontations with residents, underage drinking/partying and suspect criminal activity.

3. They directly affect the availability and inventory of long term rentals and can contribute to a housing crisis.

4. They take away business from local motels, hotels and regular accommodations who operate within provincial tourism rules, regulations and licenses, including a TICO license which is required by anyone who sells transportation or accommodation in an Ontario travel experience. 

5. They take money out of Canada and into large-profit American corporations like AirBnB and VRBO. 

Please help tell council that residents of Penetanguishene do not want transient guests and commercial hotel businesses in the residential (R1) zones and to NOT provide any opportunity for licenses in these precious neighbourhoods we love. 

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!